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    The Ultimate Design Library Giveaway.

    Monday! The mondays love the typography, so I bring you this giveaway from the Inkydeals site. Inkydeals have released a huge (and monthly) bundle of graphic design resources where you can find tons of different photoshop and illustrator templates, actions, fonts, textures and every bit of resources that you think you will need is probably on this bundle. Is a huge amount of files (38GB) of new graphics never released and different from previous bundles.

    You can take this bundle worth more than $5k for $59 only for 3 days or take the $99 which include this bundle and the previous Epic Bundle.

    Or you can reblog this image and I will choose from the notes 2 winners at the end of the week to give them the complete bundle.

    Just reblog, you don’t even have to follow me. A reblog is a entry to win this super bundle.

    See all the resources here: http://bit.ly/designlibrary

  2. azarinekylarinta:

    I need to watch this anime ASAP.

    shirokuma cafe kak rinta, di prima.net lengkap sampe 50 eps :’)

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  3. tsamthepoet:

    The world stands with Palestine.

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  4. pearly0pal:

    Asma allah al husna (part 9)

    أسماء الله الحسنى

    Part 1 
    Part 2 
    Part 3 
    Part 4 
    Part 5 
    Part 6 
    Part 7 
    Part 8 


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    noonakiller-hanbin second giveaway ◡‿◡✿

    1st place: WIN DVD
    2nd place: 2NE1 Crush (black or pink)
    3rd place: Your choice (1 kpop item | range $20-30)

    (Important! use the reply button let me know what place are you aiming for [1 2 3 or all])



    • reblog max 5 times a day. likes are ok but not counted
    • no need to follow me
    • 3 winners will be chosen using random selector
    • will ship worldwide
    • deadline April 30, 2014
    • open your tumblr ask
    • i will msg you and if i get no response within 48 hours i will choose another winner.
    • (do not delete text above)

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  7. us-time. like, always.

  8. gardensoftherighteous:


    Hahaha so precious


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  9. awkwardsituationist:

    chris and malissa tack 140-square-foot home near seattle

    our dream house

  10. thedsgnblog:

    Christmas Giveaway 2: WORDS BRAND (US Store Only)

    Words Brand   |   http://wordsbrand.com   |   EU Store

    "WORDS BRAND™ creates bold, witty, type-based tees, clothing, and accessories that make a statement. And that make you look awesome. We’re driven by a simple, clean aesthetic, and influenced by advertising and design, the media, technology, pop culture, and modern life. Everything is lovingly written and designed in LA, printed in the USA (and in Germany for our EU store), and shipped to pretty much anywhere in the world."

    Once again TDB partnered up with the awesome WORDS BRAND and now gives you a chance to win a $20 Coupon Code good in the WORDS BRAND™ US Store Only (coupon is good for 1 use and expires on December 31, 2013)!

    Find all the rules and enter the giveaway on this link

    (Make sure you enter all three entry-options!)

    The giveaway starts today and ends on December 28 - winner will be announced on the same day.

    If you would like to do a giveaway with us in the future, feel free to email us at thedsgnblog@gmail.com!

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  12. besok adek seperti ini ya. ga apa lipstik bunda buat adek gambar-gambar. coret-coret di cermin atau dinding juga ga apa. bunda janji ga akan pernah marah sama adek. yang penting adek punya mimpi yang besar. bunda yakin, adek akan jadi anak yang hebat. berjasa bagi agama, umat manusia, dan dunia. itu baru adek bunda !

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  13. buzzfeed:

    Sometimes you just need some different words (via word-stuck.tumblr.com)

    this is so beautiful. can’t even understand ‘jayus’ there -_-

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  14. littleelementary:

    Little Elementary membuka lowongan magang (part time) untuk:

    Junior Crafter
    Periode Januari - Maret 2014

    Job Description: memproduksi aksesoris.

    Kriteria: Mahasiswi S1, kreatif, mempunyai bakat handycraft, dan tertarik pada trend & fashion terutama aksesoris.

    Kirimkan CV beserta portfolio (jika ada) ke: lil.elementary@gmail.com

    CP: 0813-9387-1357

    Join us and create your own #HandmadeHappiness !

    big X big O ! yuk ikut !

  15. zenpencils:

    INVICTUS: A comic tribute to Nelson Mandela

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